About us

Blue Genes is a science blog started by a group of young Cambridge graduates in Genetics, now pursuing diverse careers.

Nicholas Swetenham graduated from Cambridge with a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Sciences in 2009. He is now a medical student at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry in London. In this blog, he discusses his varied interests in the Life Sciences ranging from Anthropology to Zoology, attempting to make original research accessible to a wider public by explaining it in everyday language while staying true to the original.

He is not a doctor and the information in the blog should not be considered medical advice. Please see your doctor if you have any questions about medical news.

Contact him on nico AT blue-genes DOT net

Colin Hockings is an early career scientist, headed into the big cuddly world of academic science. He graduated from Cambridge with a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences in June 2009, and is now working as a Research Assistant in Frankfurt.

What really interests him is the molecular biology of cancer and virology – two areas of great public health importance that are also absolutely fascinating. He’ll be taking a year out (or half a year…or a year and a half) before embarking on a PhD, and he’s going to be working on leukaemia in Frankfurt until December.

Contact him on colin AT blue-genes DOT net

Ben Vincent also graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Science from Cambridge in June 2009. Some of his key areas of interest include HIV and AIDS, and elements to the ‘faith-science’ debate such as evolution vs. intelligent design. He is currently working as an intern for the National AIDS Trust (NAT).

Contact him on ben AT blue-genes DOT net

Potential conflicts of interest: Our university studies have been/are indirectly subsidised from state funds, and we have accepted loans and/or grants from student funding agencies and our own colleges. This blog is non-profit and we do not have any affiliation to commercial industry. Colin has a close family member who works in R&D for AstraZeneca. Nico has a second-degree relative an administrative job with GlaxoSmithKline in the UK; he does not depend on her for support or receive any money from her. We declare no other conflicts of interest.

We are always open to new contributors.